I’m a big believer in the power of words.

I think words can do amazing things. For people. For companies. For the world.

Coca-cola turned the word ‘refreshing’ into one of the world’s biggest businesses.

Barack Obama used ‘hope’ to win two elections.

Owning a word is a great thing to do. But it’s not the only way to use them. To benefit from them.

Often, when I read copy, the thing that impresses me most isn’t the perfect distillation of a brand’s essence into words.

I just look at something and think, ‘That’s a nice way to put it.’

Don’t forget that.

These days, every company thinks they are in the entertainment business. To some extent, they are.

But for all the try-hard social campaigns, the wacky ads, the carefully cultivated personalities, often, the thing that gets me going – and I don’t think I’m alone here – the thing that really moves my needle, so to speak, no smirking in the back, is something like this:


It’s not much. It’s nothing special. But it sure is a nice way to put it.