Me and words, we started early. 

You just need to look at our family photo albums for proof. There I am, sitting in a high chair, gazing intently at the book held up to my face. 

Sure, it’s upside down. What can I say? I’ve always liked to look at things differently. 

I grew up in a northern fish-and-chips town, with a few distinctive words of its own. The heavy vowels of ‘taffled’ and ‘cotters’ and ‘grufty’ are where my love of language began. 

Now my photo album lives on my phone, but words still find their place in it. You don’t have to scroll far to find quick snaps and screenshots of writing I’ve seen. 

Some fuelled by admiration, some… not so much. 

A bit weird? Maybe. But that can happen when you work with something that’s everywhere. 

So I’m lucky that my life took me to fiddling with words as a career. I started learning about messaging, brand voice and training in the nonprofit world. Then I went freelance, writing about anything from luxury apartments to lotteries, before finally making my way to Reed Words.

Turns out they take pictures of words too. Looks like I’ve found my people.

Portrait of Gemma Wilson