Eating a croissant. Simple, right? Something a well-adjusted adult on his first day at a new job should take in his stride?

Yeah, I thought so too. But seriously, this thing was a monster. Japanese-nuclear-experiment big. And having already marked myself out as a bit of an oddball by arriving at the office unfashionably early, the pressure to vanquish this particular beast was on.

Well, let’s just say I didn’t exactly cover myself in glory. In fact, what I mostly covered myself in was flakes of croissant, on my shirt, trousers, and pretty much everywhere else.

But as I dusted myself down and swept up the debris, I comforted myself with a couple of things. One, that ‘How to eat a croissant without making a mess’ returns over half a million search results, so I can’t be the only one struggling here.

(We’re stronger together, guys.)

And two, that I haven’t joined one of London’s smartest writing agencies to master croissant-eating. Sure, it’s probably something I should figure out sooner rather than later, but right now I’m focused on perfecting the art of writing good copy.

I’ve worked as a copywriter for a couple of years now, on everything from insurance to vodka, airlines to petrol.

In that short time I’ve learnt just what an exciting job copywriting can be. To be able to change how someone feels about something with a few words, like long-distance brain surgery, is pretty darn cool.

And if I’m honest, I can’t think of a better place to carry on doing this than Reed Words. After just a few days I’ve seen what a talented bunch of writers, thinkers, and super-competent croissant-eaters my new colleagues are – and I can’t wait to get started alongside them.