We’re delighted to lift the lid on one of our weightier recent jobs: these two brochures for high–end cruise company Silversea.

Working with The Partners, our brief was to capture the sense of adventure that comes with travelling by sea. So we focused on episodes: sailing into Venice, surrounded by bobbing gondolas, with a cocktail in your hand; watching the mountains of the Antarctic emerge above the horizon, as shooting stars streak across the cobalt sky.

(There’s also the implied contrast, of course: squeezing onto a packed bendy bus to pootle across the baking airport tarmac, before sardining yourself into another cramped metal box, for heaven knows how long.)

Hence this opener:


And teasers like this:


It was a lovely job, not least because we got to spend a great deal of time daydreaming about our ideal holiday destinations.

(In case you’re feeling generous: Sam fancies the Galapagos, Afy is all about Thailand, Laura would love to drift off to Tahiti, Mike wouldn’t mind hopping along the Inca Trail, and Wendy wants to meet Svalbard’s polar bears.)

Thanks to The Partners, and Silversea, for the opportunity. And if we’ve whetted your appetite, you can do some daydreaming of your own here.