Here’s D&AD’s video of the 2013 Black Pencil judging, in which I was very proud to be involved as Foreman of the Writing for Design jury.

It was an especially proud moment, in fact, because I felt I had an entrant to fight for in the GOV.UK website. And it won, of course.

Perhaps it would have won without any help from me — I like to think so — but the way the Yellow Pencil judging went I wasn’t sure.

(GOV.UK was initially dismissed from the running, to my astonishment, until the judges took a second, longer look. The danger of making something look so effortless that even trained eyes miss the vast amounts of work going on in the background. I wrote about this here.)

I can only apologise for appearing somewhat squiffy in the interview – not helped by the bottle of Singha someone helpfully handed me before I went in front of the cameras. It was a hell of a week that week, and I was exhausted, not drunk. Promise.