As you may have spotted, we made a few tweaks to our site recently.

Okay, more than a few tweaks. We’ve completely overhauled it – in collaboration with our old friends Baxter & Bailey.

The previous site served us well – and even drew some compliments, which was nice. But it was time for an upgrade. We wanted something that reflected the position we’ve built as an international, strategic brand writing consultancy.

That’s right: we got completely up ourselves, and started demanding first class treatment.

The new us

So it was handy to have Baxter & Bailey to call on. We’ve known, and worked with, the team there for ages. We knew they’d have good ideas about how our site should look and work. And they didn’t let us down.

Perhaps inevitably, this turned into a mini-refresh of our identity, too. We’re still in love with the identity Dutchscot created for us way back when. Now Baxter & Bailey have helped us build on that, by extending our palettes of colours and fonts.

(Type nerds: our headline font is Tiempos Headline, by Klim. The text font is Work Sans, a Google font. This is especially helpful as we create more and more of our work in Google docs and slides.)

Anyway, we’re thrilled with the new site, and our fresh new look. What do you think? We’d love to know – positive and otherwise. Our new contact page has all the deets.