Sit next to me at dinner, and you’ll meet the person with lots of questions.

Some well-worn anecdotes too of course – ask me about the elderly neighbour, lost key and extra long ladder. But learning something new, or more about you, gives me the nourishment I need. That, and spaghetti if it’s on the table.

It seems I’m in the right job for nosy parkers. As a freelance writer, I got to learn about everything from architecture to energy AI; disability access to winemaking. Then put all these brave and intriguing ideas into the right language to do them justice. 

With Reed Words, I have a feeling my bank of knowledge is about to boom. And if anyone wants to know more about cold water swimming, knitting (slowly) or meditating (not slowly enough), then they know where I am.

‘Nearly everything is interesting if you go into it deeply’, said physicist Richard Feynman. And to this I’d just add, especially if there’s an extra long ladder involved.