“I just wanna turn up and do what I do best, which is write. But I’ve got to write and fight off all the unconscious bias in the industry. Just let me bloody write.” 

The creative industries are failing people of colour, who routinely face the double burden of tackling diversity issues while trying to build their careers. 

Speaking to a number of people from minority backgrounds, as well as the wonderful Brixton Finishing School and 20/20 Change UK, for this piece in The Drum, opened my eyes even more. (I still have plenty to learn.)

Here are a few key points from the piece:

Lots of companies are putting more focus on diversity and inclusion. But all too often, this is a paper-thin exercise. “If your D&I crew doesn’t have a budget, it’s not a real thing.” – Ally Owen, Brixton Finishing School.

Meanwhile, agencies are missing out on brilliant people, because their approach to hiring diverse talent is passive.

“A lot of young people on our programs are creative by nature. And they’re looking for outlets. They might know a role exists, but they just don’t think those roles are available, or attainable, to them.” – Duro Oye, 20/20 Change

For more important perspectives, check out the full piece. Thanks again to everyone who talked to me.