My first word was ‘juice’.

As the son of two English teachers, you might have expected something a bit more sophisticated than that, but for a long time it was my answer to everything. Since then, I’ve added a few more words to my vocabulary and have now made a career writing about everything from boutique hotels and Russian horse food, to cream crackers and DNA testing kits.

I moved from Jersey to London to pursue my love of language, and have spent the last three years fielding questions like “Where is that?” and “Are you French?” But I’ve found that what London lacks in potatoes and cattle, it more than makes up for in creativity and opportunities. 

And when the opportunity to join Reed Words presented itself, I couldn’t say no. Sure, it came at an odd time, and I haven’t actually met any of my colleagues in person, but if there’s one thing they’ve proven already it’s that team spirit can come through a screen.

Now all that’s left for me to do is get down to writing. When it comes to that, short lines and plays on words are probably what I enjoy the most. For me, the best warmup is thinking of a bad pun. You could say that’s how I get the juices flowing.