It’s my second day at Reed Words, and I’ve already scribbled down some ad ideas, had my croissant and eaten it, helped cover a wall with Post–its, drawn a very sketchy dog (dog/footstool), and written this.

Hello, I’m the new writer, Afy. I’ve been naming, advertising and writing for brands for four years now, helping them grow like really tall trees and sell like really good salespeople. I also do similes.

Research, positioning, ideas, execution: I try to get involved in the whole process. That’s one of the things I like about Reed Words. Here, being a writer means being strategic, creative, a visual thinker. It means being aware of the whole process — and giving to each part of it.

Working with writers like Sam and Mike — who have good idea after good idea after good idea after good idea after good idea after good idea in the same unbelievable way this clause has run on — is inspiring. I’m humbled to be here.