It’s my first day at Reed Words…

I walk up to the front door, press the buzzer sheepishly, hair carefully coiffed and trousers neatly pressed.

“Hello? I’m the new Reed Words writer.”

I am ushered inside and sat at a desk. Moments later a man storms in, glowering.

“These are your briefs,” he says, by way of hello, piling a thick wodge of papers next to me. “Get cracking.”

His voice is booming. As he speaks, smoke emerges from his mouth, and the room lights flash on and off, à la the Wizard of Oz.

“Oh, and can you write something for the blog when you get a minute?”

The MacBook in front of me glows threateningly. I begin to sweat.

But seriously, hello

OK, I jest. I actually got a very warm welcome, replete with strong cups of tea and a smorgasbord of Danish pastries (I’m told that this isn’t the norm). I’ve had to hit the ground running, but the work — as of mid–afternoon on my first day — is right up my street.

That’s right: I’m Sam, the latest recruit at Reed Words. Hello! I’ve come here from Conran and Partners, a design firm where I was the in–house copywriter and marketer, with clients ranging from Gordon’s to M&S.

Toward the end of last year, the time came for me to take on a new challenge. Mike and I had been chatting for some time, and both liked the cut of each other’s jib. So, to cut a long story short, here I am.

You’ll no doubt be hearing from me regularly over the coming weeks and months, as I get stuck into everything that’s going on at Reed Words. If you want to get in touch directly, do feel free to email me: