We’ve been doing a lot more work for the London Symphony Orchestra of late, which is always a great pleasure.

If you’re in London, you may have seen our most recent poster campaigns. The poster above is the first of a series celebrating ‘London’s Symphony Orchestra’.

The LSO is one of the world’s greatest orchestras, at the height of its powers right now, and this campaign celebrates that fact, encouraging people to come and discover the world treasure on their doorstep.

Then we’ve also been working on a set of smaller posters encouraging audiences in through a set of emotive phrases that aim to capture some of the variety and thrill of the LSO’s performances.


LSO_escalator_2 (1)

There can be few richer or more interesting ‘products’ to promote than classical music, and few greater brands in that world than the LSO.

So we’re thrilled to have been working with them for a few years now — and hopefully for some time to come.

Both these campaigns were created with our long–standing design partners and friends at PIN Creative.