Let’s get the awkward bit out of the way.

I’m the third Sam in a team of nine people. I take the Sam quotient to 33%. If you want a job at Reed Words, consider changing your name to Sam.

Anyway, hello! A bit about me – I’m a Client Director with 15 years’ experience building both established and emerging brands at some of London’s finest agencies. Agencies like Wolff Olins, Moving Brands and Venturethree. Keeping everyone on the same page, meeting deadlines and managing budgets – these are the things that keep me (and hopefully, everyone else) sane.

As a working Mum with a toddler, my life is a whirlwind of phone calls, emails, tidying up, reading The Gruffalo, hide and seek, and all-out bedtime warfare – so when I do get a moment to myself, I know exactly what to do with it. 

When I’m not working or ‘mumming’, you’ll find me under my duvet with my Kindle. Sometimes there’s a bottle of Barolo and a nice bit of Wensleydale under there, too.

Some people might say I’m not making the most out of life. I respectfully disagree.

Portrait of Samantha Rinaldi, Acting Client Director