I like to say I got my first real job because I was a hustler. On a whim, I whipped up some homemade spaghetti for a hungry team, and they hired me on the spot as their chef.

Kiki SaxonIt was great—and there wasn’t anything particularly sneaky about it. Hustler is simply more entertaining. It helps to form my brand, balancing the earnest side. Kind of like wearing Dr. Martens with a floral dress. And brands are complex. They need nuance and dimension. Words are an integral part of that equation.

For the past 10+ years, I’ve been in service of brands. From identities and packaging, to the full 360 brand experience, brand development has been my canvas to dabble in psychology.

I love people and personalities. The shouty ones and the quiet ones. The illustrative and the minimalists. I’m drawn to the unique and the quirky. I mean, we don’t want our friends to be carbon copies of each other.

I love creating magnetic brands. Something that’s authentic and rooted in truth. The type of brand that means something, stands for something, that has a clear voice even with your eyes closed.

And let’s be honest—we’re trying to sell something. Consumers want more than a product or service. They want satisfaction, happiness, accomplishment, fulfillment… the list goes on. It’s solving for how we deliver on those emotional benefits that excites me.

OK, waxing poetic now complete. Let’s get to it. Let’s build brands.

We’re thrilled to welcome Kiki Saxon as General Manager of our New York office