In my brief time at Reed Words, I’ve done some writing.

Some of that writing’s been about architects.

And in this brief time, at Reed Words, doing writing, some of which has been about architects, I’ve noticed a pattern:

A lot of architects say the same sort of things.

Hazy things. Impenetrable things. Technically bloated things – that rarely paint a picture of the spaces they describe.

Not HWO.

HWO is a London-based practice with a clear focus, and a rather lovely ambition. They believe that with creative design and an inventive approach to planning, you don’t just design buildings. You address bigger things. Like the city’s housing shortage.

Not long ago, they asked us to help them express this big ambition. So we did.

We wrote them a new mission statement, which then became a video:  


Three manifestos. One for each practice area:

And new bios – a fitting portrait of a strong, cohesive team:

All in all, a really refreshing job. Thanks HWO.