As a kid who spent math class filling spiral-bound notebooks with bizarre stories, words helped me escape to places I’d rather be. (Apologies, Mrs Palafox — maybe one day I’ll get derivatives down.)

As a teen on a first-name basis with the local bookstore staff, words were one of my healthier remedies for suburban California boredom.

Later, working at magazines in Los Angeles, words helped me connect with fascinating people, and tell stories I thought worth telling.

Then they took me to a brand language consultancy in New York — a place I dreamed of living as a kid. In this industry I’ve seen first-hand how words can make a tangible difference to brands and businesses big and small.

And now they’ve led me to Reed Words, where I’ve found common cause with a brilliant cadre of fellow language-besotted writers and thinkers. This team is doing some amazing things, and I’m thrilled to be on board.

So: a hearty “thanks” to words! I owe you a lot.