Recently, I joined the (incredibly talented) team here at Reed Words as Creative Director of the New York office. All the excitement also makes me feel a little nostalgic—as I help make the plans for our office, I couldn’t help but think back at how I got my start.


When I was a junior copywriter, I used to sit at my desk for hours a day, refusing to move. I must have thought, if I don’t make any sudden movements, the headline will finally find me. But each line that came out was—get ready for it—even worse than the last.

One day, a seasoned Creative Director saw me struggling (ehem: read through my copy and almost lit it on fire) and suggested I take a walk. So, I listened, and moseyed on out to take a few paces. This isn’t working, I thought.

Sure enough, when I got back, there it was. Inspiration. I soon realized once you find your thinking style, your life as a creative professional completely changes. For me, there’s a real mind-body connection to writing. For you, it may be different. (Or, you may need to chew gum and pat your head and rub your belly all at the same time. And if so, that’s very impressive.)

If this story from my early days can teach us anything, it’s that creativity isn’t just about getting our work done, but figuring out how to get our best work done. Because it’s our best work that serves others and ourselves. 

So, I wish you lots of success in finding—or completely loving—or constantly evolving—your thinking style. And if you’re interested in learning more about our growing New York office, we’d love to hear from you. Let’s go for a walk!