The world’s most responsible words

We’re becoming a B Corp

Words matter. But people and the planet matter more.

That’s why we’re becoming a B Corp. And we’re saying this publicly so you can hold us to it. If this note is still here at the end of 2024, please have a stern word with us.

You shouldn’t have to, though. We’re well on our way. Here’s what we’ve been up to so far.

1. Looking closely at ourselves

We’ve taken a hard look at how we work, and wider industry practices. With the B Corp standards as our guide, we’ve surveyed our own team, reviewed clients’ practices, scoped out our suppliers – and heard some hard truths where necessary.

2. Setting clear goals

We’ve set environmental, social, and governance objectives for ourselves.

Some actions are relatively small – like making sure we all know what goes in the blue and red bin bags.

Some are much bigger – like saying no to organisations who want our words, but don’t share our values.

Every action makes us a little better. It all adds up. And over time, we’ll keep raising the bar.

3. Supporting others

As well as working to the shared values of the B Corp community, we set aside time and resources to support other people doing good.

To make sure that support aligns with our team's priorities, we all voted on where we wanted to focus that support. As a result:

  • We’re “Legend” level supporters of OnlyOne, a non-profit that’s helping clean up our oceans and tackle the climate crisis.

  • GiveDirectly, which makes cash grants directly to people in poverty, is our 2024 UK charity partner. We’re making a corporate donation, and offering various other forms of support.

We also offer guidance and opportunities to under-represented groups:
  • We partner with organisations improving diversity in our industry, including 20/20 Levels, Brixton Finishing School, and Creative Lives in Progress.

  • We’re launching an internship programme in 2024.

  • Our New York office will soon invite tenders for its 2024 pro-bono charity program. We’ll share more soon through our newsletter and socials.

We’re still learning

We’d love to hear your ideas on how we can do even better. And if you work at a company with similar ambitions, we’re keen to connect. If you have ideas, questions, or advice, please drop us a line.

A big thank-you to our friends at Futureproof for supporting our progress so far. Find out more about our work together here.

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