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We’ve named everything from energy companies to travel websites – even new sports.

Contrary to popular opinion, naming is not about throwing a load of mud at the wall and seeing what sticks. It’s both an art and a science, and it demands a considered process.

Here’s ours…

1. It’s all about you

First things first: your name needs to fit your business.

We start with a kickoff workshop where we dive into your brand, so we know exactly what your new name needs to do.

2. Understanding the context

Just as important is the market – how a name will land with your customers, and the kinds of names your competitors use.

We plot this visually, so you can understand exactly where your name should fit in.

3. Finding the right name

We name in three rounds. This gives us space to explore different options, but prevents the process from becoming too sprawling and subjective.

This result will be a shortlist of powerful, strategic names that will help put you in front.

Verbal identity.

The language of your brand is made up of two things: messaging and tone of voice. In other words – what you say and how you say it. If you want to communicate effectively, they have to work together.

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Brand strategy.

Writers are thinkers. We don’t just build on brand strategy – we develop and articulate it too.

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We create brand-defining words. 
Words that combine compelling style with strategic depth. For packaging and posters. For books, brochures, ads, and films.

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Digital & UX.

Words have huge power to make products and services more effective, and more engaging.

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Over the years, we’ve delivered voice and writing training to everyone from SeaLife and Madame Tussauds, to easyJet and the National Theatre.

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