WallbabyThe writing’s on the wall


Conceived from ‘F*ck function’. Born as Wallbaby. This journey from bold brand positioning to award-winning identity is the ultimate love story.

Wallbaby was launched by Mud Studios – a production company venturing into the world of posters. The problem? Poster store competition is hot. So we gave them words that are hotter.

When it comes to decorating your home, the heart should rule the head. That’s where our ‘f*ck function’ strategy came from, and the name ‘Wallbaby’ – a lovechild of creativity and passion. From there, we crafted a voice of charm and swagger, and created a toolkit of messaging along with scripts for 10 launch films. Now Wallbaby is out in the world, scooping up awards. They grow up so fast.


Wallbaby messaging


Wallbaby messaging and tone of voice guidance

“We felt an immediate connection with the team – they took time to understand us and our vision from the start.”
Eveline Eliasson
Co-Founder, Wallbaby

Wallbaby manifesto and homepage