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Public Rec

Comfort, made smart.

Stylish, effortless, super-comfy. We gave Public Rec a strategy and tone of voice that fit as beautifully as their clothes.

Everywhere, everyday apparel

Public Rec launched their signature ‘All Day, Every Day Pant’ in 2015. Since then, they’ve extended their range around the same core idea: premium wardrobe essentials that are comfortable and smart enough to wear everywhere.

Our job? To craft a brand strategy and voice that brought this concept home.

From business philosophy to brand foundation

Working closely with Studio.Build, we shaped the ‘leisurewear for everywhere’ philosophy into a clear, simple brand strategy and personality.

This included articulating Public Rec’s core brand promise – ‘To simplify life for the better’. Now, Public Rec has a yardstick for everything they do, and each new product they create.

Getting vocal

Next, we developed a manifesto, tagline, and belief statements that sum up what Public Rec is all about. Designed to work with a beautifully crafted visual identity from Studio.Build, the belief statements are perfect for advertising, social media, packaging and more.

Finally, we wrapped everything up in a tone of voice. One that’s as comfortable, smart and versatile as Public Rec clothes.

Hitting the street

Public Rec put their new voice to work quickly – on everything from their website to descriptions of their bespoke fabrics.

And now they’re armed with our voice guidelines, they can carry on telling their story. All day, every day.