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Aviv's Hyperbaric Oxygen Suite

Aviv Clinics

Science and sensitivity

We helped an emerging name in health-tech find the right words to introduce itself to the world.

New words for new tech

Aviv is changing the way we age, with pioneering clinics and hyperbaric oxygen treatments. We helped them get their messages straight and find their ideal tone, as they begin to launch their clinics worldwide.

Selling in with sensitivity

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment is a new idea for most people. We had to explain it in a clear, simple, human way, while retaining a sense of authority and expertise.

With the medical world so heavily regulated, we also had to be extremely careful about accurately describing the processes and benefits of Aviv’s ground-breaking treatments.

Simple, inspiring and scientifically sound

A lot of medical copy is dense and impenetrable. Aviv’s website and brochure is a breath of fresh air. The copy is simple, inspiring and precise, setting out how the combination of oxygen and pressure can improve cognitive and physical performance as we age.

Aviv Clinics website copywriting

After a few hours with the Reed Words team, we knew we were in good hands. We could finally see our brand communicating accurately, as well as being inspiring. The team also made a big effort to help us keep our deadlines, and was very responsive and professional.

Noa Sobol
VP Global Marketing & Sales
Aviv Clinics website copywriting
Aviv Clinics website HBOT copywriting
Aviv Clinics website copywriting