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Bringing time up to date

We helped Swiss watchmaker Oris launch a global ad campaign with headlines that capture their independent spirit.

Wind the clock forward

Oris has been making exquisite mechanical watches since 1904. Their products are beautiful – but their copy sometimes felt stiff and old-fashioned.

For their new global advertising campaign, they needed some expertly calibrated words that would bring the brand up to date.

Watch your language

We worked with Oris and NB Studio to build a campaign celebrating Oris’ dedication to the beauty and function of their watches. By focusing on details, we told a wider story – about craftsmanship, quality, and innovative thinking.

The tone of voice was more contemporary and informal than previous campaigns, supporting Oris’ core thought – summarised as #GoYourOwnWay.

Time. And time again

Lines like ‘Wherever your adventures lead, we follow’ and ‘When you care about watches, just a little matters a lot’ brought personality into a world that can often feel cold and technical.

Oris is now well over a century old. But this campaign, which ran in 30 countries, reminded customers that it’s a brand with its eyes on the future.