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Penhaligons perfume bottlesPenhaligon's perfume bottles


A bit on the nose

Penhaligon’s phenomenal perfumes defy description. But such was our burden.

A change in the air

Penhaligon’s perfumes have been worn by princes, celebrities and captains of industry for 150 years.

Every bottle brims with character. But a new website meant distilling that character into just a few characters.

An impossible feat, surely? But not for Reed Words.

Taking charge of one’s senses

First, we set about rewriting around 200 product descriptions. We had to keep each one tightly focused and concise – without losing the charm.

So we did. With dashes of wit, flourishes of fancy, and many a tantalising detail to tease the senses. (And of course, some relevant SEO keywords.)

Breathe it in

Our labours did not end with the products themselves.

We wrote the rest of the website, too. Then we codified it all in practical tone of voice guidelines, enabling others to repeat our extraordinary feat.

Now, Penhaligon’s patrons have as much fun online as they do in store.

Follow your nose to the new site.

Famously theatrical, full of debauchery – and that’s just our fragrances. At the heart of London’s West End, we do perfumery with all the panache you would expect.

Penhaligon's Covent Garden Piazza
Penhaligons fragrance bottles on white background

Anyone for gin? A juniper burst of freshness. Teasing angelica and black pepper. Warm spice and warm hearts. This eau de toilette is a complex cocktail. Better make it a double.

Juniper Sling

If the smoking room of a gentlemen’s club were a scented candle… Wood-panelled walls. Soft leather armchairs. Old money and stiff upper lips. Now, will someone light my cigar?

Maduro Leaf Candle

Rich and impeccably dressed. This is Belgravia, darling – what do you expect? A spritz of raspberry over delightful florals: labdanum and May rose. An eau de parfum for London’s flamboyant gentry.

Belgravia Chypre

Luna’s body cream soothes with citrus, jasmine and rose. Surrender is sweet.

Luna Body Cream

A sexy rum-spiked scent of gingerbread and tobacco. Hedonism in a bottle.

Roaring Radcliffe

We’re delighted with the website copy, and the voice guidelines are already proving invaluable.

Erin Homer
Head of Brand, Penhaligon's