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White Mausu

A spoonful of oomph

Cult food heroes White Mausu needed their copy to pack as much punch as their condiments.

A voice to grow into

Katie and Jasper started selling homemade sauces in plain jars at Dublin Flea Market. Before they knew it, White Mausu was all the rage with Irish foodies. We supported the growth of the brand with a new tone of voice and product and website copy.

Who’s talking?

The voice of a startup tends to be the voice of its founder. This is fine when you have time to write all of your copy yourself, but as you grow, it helps to have a voice others can pick up and run with. This was White Mausu’s challenge.

We helped White Mausu distill founder Katie’s personality into short, practical tone of voice guidelines. It was all about finding balance: language that’s confident but understated, with just the right amount of cheeky Irish charm.

Then, we rolled the new voice out across their product lines and website copy, giving everything a much more consistent feel.

The Reed Words team is inspiring and creative, with an obvious knack for words, but also great listeners who make you feel like you and your brand are in fine hands.

Katie Sanderson