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World Trade Center

Remaking history

A new voice for the new World Trade Center: a delicate balance of respect and optimism.

Hope for the future

We were asked to develop the tone of voice for the World Trade Center. The result was bold, confident messaging rooted in the spirit of America and New York: tough, resolute, and optimistic. A voice we’ve since rolled-out across the new, forthcoming WTC website.

A perfect balance

Working closely with the Landor team in New York, we created a tone of voice inspired by the character of the site, and its powerful new visual identity.

The first public expressions of that voice appeared in 2014, with a selection of headlines and statements. These appeared on the construction hoardings and encircled the site for over two years.

Where the story began

Our aim was to remind audiences of the story of the World Trade Center. How it began in the 1970s and carries on, undaunted – powerfully affected by the terrorist attacks, but never defined by them.

Whatever the message, every word came under exquisite scrutiny from all involved. It’s such a sensitive project – no one wanted any misunderstandings.

The new voice balances confident optimism about the future, with a sensitivity about the tragedies of the past.

It sums up the spirit of the World Trade Center. A spirit that has endured since long before 2001 – and will continue far into the future.