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Royal Pharmaceutical Society

Making a voice heard

We gave RPS an inspiring new voice to connect with its members. Our hands-on training then helped the whole organisation put it into action.

A voice for everyone

Every part of an organisation should use its voice – from senior leaders to fresh recruits, comms teams to HR officers. For an organisation like RPS, that’s easier said than done.

First, we honed RPS’s messaging and voice, so they could better connect with their members. And gave them rigorous guidelines to put it all into action.

But then RPS faced a challenge: how to get almost 200 employees – in London, Edinburgh and Cardiff – using the new voice across everything they write?

That’s where our training programme came in.

On a roll

For large organisations, it’s not always practical for our team to train every one of their employees.

Our solution? To create a roll-out plan that introduced the voice to key people across the organisation. And to give the RPS comms team the tools to train everyone else.

To start, we unveiled the new voice to dozens of senior leaders, including the RPS executive team.

Less theory, more practice

Then, we ran a three-hour workshop for key RPS writers: the people responsible for putting the voice into action – across a range of channels and audiences.

We kept the session super-practical. No brand waffle, but a thorough investigation into what the voice means for RPS’s different audiences and channels. And once the talking was over, we put the writers through their paces with hands-on writing exercises.

But that’s just the start. Now, the RPS comms team are taking our training session and materials around the whole of RPS – including Scotland and Wales.

Soon enough, everyone inside RPS will know how to bring the voice into their writing. And as we continue to work with RPS, we’ll be there to see the results.

Making sure that when we speak we are relevant, empathetic and inspiring to our audience is making a big difference to how we connect with pharmacists. Reed Words were essential in getting the whole of RPS behind it.

Neal Patel
Head of Corporate Communications, RPS