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Formula 1

Putting the guts back into motorsport

As part of its first rebrand in over 20 years, we gave Formula 1 a gutsy, glorious new voice.

Same old formula

Formula 1 was in a rut. Fans saw its modern incarnation as corporate and dull. It was all numbers and sponsorship opportunities. The thrill was gone.

As a result, fewer people were tuning in – and showing up – each year.

Start your engines

Working closely with Wieden+Kennedy and the new F1 team, we helped the brand refocus on the reasons people love motorsport: the edge. The danger, the thrills, the noise. The human stories.

Out of all that came a new voice. Sharper, harder, more visceral. More alive with the spirit of motorsport. A voice to remind fans – and the world – that F1 is the greatest sporting spectacle on the planet.

The home straight

With the voice nailed and extensive guidelines in place, we’re now helping F1 apply their new voice just about everywhere – including trackside hoardings and experiential work at Grands Prix, brochures, CRM, sales decks and online. We also helped develop the branding for F1’s VIP offer, the Paddock Club.

The new identity made an immediate splash, with a huge amount of press coverage. (The exclusive feature in Creative Review was their most-read article that year – despite appearing in late November.)

More importantly, it won over the fans – with buckets of social media buzz and impressive new viewing figures.

Reed Words have given Formula 1 the voice it deserves. They’ve worked tirelessly and passionately to create a voice brimming with spirit, which will be invaluable to us as the brand evolves.

Ellie Norman
Director of Marketing, F1

I often hold up your F1 TOV book as a masterpiece of brand language... It’s a wonderful tone to build on.

Johnny Watters
Creative Director, Ogilvy

This is F1®: a sport that’s all about edge. The edge of chaos. The edge of danger. Even the edge of death. Guts. Passion. Glory. White-hot speed. Blue smoke. Burning rubber. We’re unleashing the greatest racing spectacle on the planet.

Still one of the best docs I’ve ever seen for a rebrand. We get so many safe, middle-of-the-road, conversational TOV guidelines, when one comes out with an actual attitude it hits you for six. Plus it stretches your writing muscles, and that's always a pleasure.

Tom Powell
Head of Copy, Proximity