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Nuffield Health

A voice with purpose

A healthier, happier UK: we gave Nuffield Health the clear, confident voice its remarkable purpose deserves

Building a new voice

Nuffield Health is here to build a healthier, happier UK. In gyms, hospitals, and workplaces across the country. It’s a remarkable purpose, one they’ve been making happen for over 60 years.

The problem? That purpose wasn’t coming through. It was hidden. Muffled. Buried beneath cold, complex writing that left people confused about who Nuffield Health really is.

A voice for all moments

Backed by strategy from our long-time partners SomeOne, we developed a voice to help Nuffield Health become the UK’s best-known health and wellbeing brand.

We worked with different teams to find a voice persona and set of principles that met the needs and mindsets of a range of audiences. Then, we crystallised the voice into clear, easy-to-use guidelines — with best-practice examples like hospital packs and fitness blogs.

So whether it’s reassuring a hospital patient or exciting a gym member, the voice makes sure Nuffield Health always sounds like itself. 

Roll-out, roll-on 

Of course, with 16,000 employees and hundreds of different services, getting a voice to take root is easier said than done.

That’s why we led a programme of hands-on workshops for over 50 key writers and leaders, teaching them how to engage and inspire with the new voice.

(The workshops went down well, too. 100% of attendees said they’d recommend them to a colleague.)

But this is just the beginning. We’re excited to keep on supporting the brand team as they put clearer, more helpful writing at the heart of Nuffield Health.


Language is a big part of how we bring our purpose to life. Reed Words really understood our vision, audiences, and how we work as an organisation. Thanks to them, we’ve put clearer writing at the heart of how we communicate.

Poonam Davé
Head of Brand, Planning & Agency Services, Nuffield Health