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Simmons & Simmons

Helping nice guys finish first

We helped Simmons & Simmons compete against their hard-nosed rivals with a confident voice and messaging – and a lot less legalese.

So nice they named them twice

Simmons & Simmons, one of the world’s leading law firms, was losing out to rivals because of their ‘nice guy’ reputation. They asked us to help them communicate in a bolder, clearer way, so their legal expertise could shine through.

Developing a voice of authority

Our job was to express the idea at the heart of their new brand vision: to deliver smarter solutions for our clients’ most complex solutions

We interviewed partners and managers from across the firm to uncover what smarter solutions meant to them. One idea stood out: Simmons is the law firm that thinks like a business partner. We quickly saw they should write like a business partner, too. 

That meant banning legalese, fence-sitting, and long-winded writing. In their place? A bold, confident voice for expressing strong opinions. We brought this new voice to life with compelling copywriting for their website, practical guidelines, and hands-on training for their marketing team.

The end of legalese

Simmons & Simmons’ new voice is already making a big impact. You can see it for yourself on their new website, which was written with the help of our guidelines and training.

Collaborative, specialist, and Partner-led. That’s Simmons & Simmons. A law firm that thinks like your business partner. A law firm that gets results.