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The Cultivist

An invitation to art

For artists, collectors, and art-lovers the world over. We created a distinctive, sophisticated verbal identity for a new, global members’ art club.

A cult classic

The Cultivist is a successful global members’ club for art lovers. Members receive tailored art experiences, deepening their appreciation for modern art.

But when former Sotheby’s colleagues Daisy and Marlies came to us, all they had was a business model and a name. Our brief? To define the company’s brand – and find the right words to express it.

We boiled their proposition down to six words: ‘Art unlocks life. We unlock art.’ This became the centerpiece for us to build the brand on. It captured both the philosophy behind it – and a brief description of the offer.

Down to a fine art

From there, we developed a distinctive tone of voice and messaging for The Cultivist. The challenge was identifying what it meant to offer high-end art experiences without getting lost in the premium sphere.

We were able to create a voice that’s both elevated and accessible for art lovers. And we crystallised everything into a set of short guidelines and a set of powerful, succinct messages that capture the very essence of The Cultivist.

The new-age

The brand gathered a lot of great press on launch and became quite the talking point in the art scene. Most importantly, it allowed The Cultivist to welcome their members to a ‘new world of art’ that had never been done before.