Hello, proper shoes

Meet Sabrina, our new Writer in Manchester
Sabrina Shim
by Sabrina Shim

I should’ve been an art historian. Or maybe a fashion journalist.

My last job was in strategic communications for a national anti-poverty charity. I spent a lot of time freelancing. Loungewear was my lifestyle even before the pandemic took hold. But I’ve returned to brand writing for Reed Words. Why? It suits my nomadic brain and my belief in words bringing people together. And I’m ready to ditch the elasticated waistbands and put on proper shoes.

Born in Toronto, I grew up with a multitude of languages around me, but we all shared English. Moving fluidly between different cultures, we played with words as well as being utterly confused by them on a regular basis. We also learned to communicate with different audiences – very useful as a child of immigrants – which I eventually applied to my career. For the last 20 years, I’ve called various parts of the UK home, and lived in New York City and Stockholm. Each has given me a fresh perspective on writing and building a sense of community.

At Reed Words, the challenge for me now is to make language communal, communicating with ease, generating understanding and weaving in a good story or two, all in the service of brands. Plus, getting out of my yoga leggings and stomping about in the city. Reed Words has only recently arrived in Manchester, and I’m primed to help it grow. Look us up, we’d love to hear from you.

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