Bringing words to life (and maybe a few ghosts too)

Meet Rupert, General Manager of our new Singapore office
Rupert Thomson
by Rupert Thomson

I’ve spent my career bringing ideas to life by bringing people together. From magazines to festivals to theatre shows, the richest ideas often come alive when lots of people are engaged, communicating, working together.

That’s what Reed Words offers: many creative heads with huge accumulated experience, applied to all kinds of branding challenges. The results are frequently astounding, and I’m thrilled to be joining such a talented team.

What connects ideas, people, and the work people do? It’s always words. And they're our speciality. Neat, playful, authoritative words that bring our clients’ ideas to fruition. And I do love words.

Since studying literature I’ve believed language is humanity’s greatest invention. It underpins our expression, our communication, our whole civilisation. Over the years I’ve been fortunate to work with some exceptional and inspiring writers. Long may that continue.

Related to words and ideas, of course, are stories. Since moving to South East Asia nearly half a decade ago, I’ve been in love with the ghost stories of the region. They're exciting, steeped in culture – and often plain scary. But they also have an amazing power to cut across communities and social settings to create shared understanding. The best stories do that.

For Reed Words in Asia, I’m excited to see if we can help with another kind of ghost story. Not stories about ghosts, but stories that are ghosts themselves. Stories that deserve to be told, but are still trapped in a spectral netherworld, waiting to be given form. If your story is a bit of a fuzzy phantom, get in touch – let's work together to bring it fully to life!

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