Reed Birds

Festive greetings from our flock to yours
Orlaith Wood
by Orlaith Wood
Reed Birds Christmas 2023

Reed Birds

So, this is what happens when you ask a team of mostly writers to do a Christmas drawing. The results are... mixed.

But then, no one hires us for our draughtsmanship. And once we’d come up with the delightfully daft idea of “Reed Birds”, we had a lot of fun creating our own takes on it. (Some of us, arguably, too much fun: the brief of "Draw a Christmas bird” has been severely tested.)

We hope you enjoy our doodles, anyway, and that they help you soar gracefully into the festive season. Or wing it, at least.

We’ll stop it with the bird puns now, and turn our pens back to the written word in the new year. It’s what we do best, after all.

Thank you to all the clients, partners and friends who’ve supported us this year. And here’s to flying even higher in 2024. (Sorry, had to squeeze one more in.)

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