Better Words Season 2

Webinars on writing on naming, luxury brands, and more

Our first season of webinars was so popular, we decided to keep going.

Season 2 dives deeper into specific writing challenges that brands face: from naming a product to standing out in the crowded luxury sector.

We’ve finished now – but you can watch all the recordings on YouTube.

If you've got suggestions for which topics we should cover next, please let us know.

Better Words: Naming your brand

Where do you even start with naming? How can you be sure you’ve found the right name? Will the CEO like it?

There’s no single answer. So we talk about how we do it, and tackle some of the biggest naming questions, like:

  • Should you follow naming trends?
  • How do you get everyone behind a name?
  • How do you avoid trademark conflicts?

Thanks to special guests Eli Altman from A Hundred Monkeys, and Jay Bregman from Thimble.

Better Words: Writing for startups

Startups need to cut through – fast. To hires. To investors. And most importantly, to customers.

In this session, we talk to two successful – and very different – startup founders: Anna Brightman of UpCircle, and Alastair Johnson from Nuggets. We share some ways startups can use language for maximum impact — including:

  • Telling a clear investor story
  • Recruiting the right people
  • Keeping your culture fresh
  • Giving services clarity and character

Better Words: Writing for luxury

When it comes to finding the right voice in luxury, there’s more than one way to skin a crocodile.

In this session, we team up with Erin Homer, Senior Content Manager at Penhaligon's, to answer questions like:

  • What’s different about writing for luxury brands?
  • Is there a ‘luxury voice’?
  • How can words elevate a brand?
  • Can a luxury brand be both storyteller and salesperson?

Better Words: Writing for the arts

More than ever, arts organisations are fighting to be heard. From visitors to government, they talk to a complex range of audiences, all with different expectations.

In this session, we’re joined by experts from the Royal Academy and the Southbank Centre to talk about:

  • Elevating the importance of language – written and spoken
  • The perils of trying to be “accessible”
  • The challenges of COVID-19 regulations for arts organisations

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