Words are the most human thing we have

Meet Nazy, our new Senior Writer in NY
Nazy Farkhondeh
by Nazy Farkhondeh

Since I was very young, it was always my MO to write or say things that made an impression.

Maybe I had some identity issues growing up as an identical twin that left me craving more attention. Maybe I just liked the thrill of making myself and other people feel something. If you ask my mom about the horror stories I narrated to kids in after-school daycare, or the short stories I wrote about alien abductions in my diary, she’ll definitely just tell you how much it freaked her out.

I’ve zigzagged a little in my career, but looking back now, there’s a through-line to it all—and that is a love of the written word.

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I’ve always been driven by storytelling, and growing up in LA I thought I was going to make it as a screenwriter. During my first job working for a producer, I realized the slow pace and attention span for making movies wasn’t for me.

I compromised and went to on-air promo school where I immersed myself in the art of the thirty-second television spot. Over the years, this has manifested into a creative career in branding and marketing where I help people and businesses create gut feelings… mostly with words.

From writing opening scenes in summer screenwriting camp to generating brand-defining taglines and mission statements, I’ve experienced the undeniable power of words—to mobilize us, enlighten us, provoke us, and even comfort us.

I’m thrilled to be joining Reed Words and the incredible team of fellow word-shippers (sorry, I had to!) being our authentic selves and making a living off of it. While we might be in the business of brands, what I love most about this industry is the possibility of inspiring people to be better humans along the way. Because yes, words can do that too.

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