That’s the badger.1
I’ll do it dreckly.2
Geddon, bey.4

Yep, those are all English words. They’re just not all in the dictionary. Congrats if you can guess where I’m from without Googling.

Although I’ve never used any of the above phrases at work until today, there’s summat5 to be said for dialects.

Unique words. A special way of speaking. Turns of phrase only you would use. It all starts to sound a lot like a good tone of voice.

That’s what I’m looking forward to most at Reed Words – helping to build memorable voices and using them to knock stories into shape. Though (probably) with fewer badgers popping up in them.

In the past, I’ve worked as a journalist, writing consultant, and creative copywriter. But despite the years at the keyboard, I’ll have to ask the team at Reed Words to forgive me if the odd ‘where’s that to?’ slips out. It’s just the Janner6 brand voice. 


1That’s what I’m looking for

2I’ll do it right away (directly)

3Here it is/Here you go

4Nice one 


6A resident of Plymouth, UK

P.S. Today, I do speak ‘well proper’ and even obey dictionaries, for the most part. Given what I do for a living, that’s probably a good thing.