Better Words Season 1

Our free wonder-webinars

Like a lot of people, we're now working from home. It's a big adjustment, but also a chance to step back a bit, learn some new things, and test out new ideas.

That's why we launched Better Words, our new series of free writing webinars.

Every Thursday, we've been exploring the essentials of better writing — from editing to collaborating. In each 45-minute session, we've shared our trustiest writing hints and tips. And answered your biggest, niggliest language questions.

You can catch up on everything so far with the links and videos below.

And if you've got suggestions for which topics we should cover next, please let us know.

Better Words: Writing through a crisis

From keeping customers updated to reassuring colleagues, getting your words right has never been so important.

We revealed the basics of writing through a crisis, including:

  • How to write like a human being
  • How to make your writing useful
  • How to avoid corporate cliches

Better Words: Editing your writing

Good editing is the secret behind every effective writer.

We explored the principles behind effective editing, including:

  • How to put the essentials first
  • How to cut your writing down
  • How to shape it

Better Words: Working with writers

Confession time: writers can be a tricky bunch, particularly if they’re not doing what you want.

We’ve worked with clients of all shapes and sizes. And, as you can imagine, we’ve developed a few theories on how to get the best out of a writer.

We dished the dirt on how to work with writers, including:

  • How to brief a writer
  • How to tell if a piece of writing is good
  • How to give feedback

Better Words: Building a brand voice

Building a focused, consistent brand voice is tricky at the best of times. And we can all agree these are not the best of times.

Even so, the fundamentals don’t change. In our latest Better Words webinar, we distilled those fundamentals into three principles for building your own brand voice.

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