I’ve always loved a good story. I have quite a few myself after working in music and film for 20 years.

Some say I should put them in a book. But unfortunately I can’t tell those stories due to a lifetime of signing NDAs, and dealing with well-paid Hollywood lawyers.  

I suppose my love of stories started when my Dad would read my brother and me bedtime stories. Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit were our favourites. My Dad would make up all the characters’ voices and act out scenes, much to our delight. 

I love stories I might be told when travelling. I may sit next to a stranger on a long journey, who might offer me a story. It could be personal, about where they’re going, where they’ve been, about their culture or country. Whatever it is, you inevitably learn something new, you’re entertained, and it passes the time.

I think it’s being told a story I love so much. Someone else’s interpretation, and how they play it out. The words “Are you sitting comfortably?” are a cue to listen, engage and be taken somewhere else. To use your imagination.

Then we have our own personal stories to tell. Good and bad, new and old. We used to keep diaries – now we blog, vlog and pour our lives out on social media. We’re all recording our lives and experiences through stories. Stories are as old as humanity and will be told forever. What’s your story?

We’re delighted to welcome Paula as our Studio PA and administrator. And can’t wait to hear some of these stories.