I’m Andrea and I’m terrible at talking about myself.

Remember that ‘getting to know you’ game teachers would make you play in school? Where you’d go around the room and ask everyone to share one fact about themselves?

That’s when my brain would decide to have a little freak-out. Nope. Goodnight. Show’s over.

Eventually, the spotlight would be on me. And the many faces of my classmates would be fixated on my every move. Calculating me with bated breath. Yearning in anticipation.

Under silent duress, I’d clear my throat and say:

“I have one brother.”

And the teacher would just simply nod. Cool. Next person. She has a dog.

Thankfully, no one at Reed Words actually put me on the spot like that. In fact, I’ve had a very warm welcome. And even warmer coffee.

But since Jade has had her blog post moment – I’d like to present to you­­­ the entire history of me. (Abridged version.)

I was previously a copywriter in Dublin. Working on everything from ice creams to sports teams. I indulged in a complimentary Calippo every now and then and wrote words for digital content.

I moved to London in July and decided Reed Words deserved another Irish person on the team. One is never enough.

And yes, if you were wondering, I do have a brother. Hi Gareth!