We do all sorts of writing at Reed Words. We name things. We help brands find and use their voices. We write campaigns, books, scripts and posters. But lately, one area of work has grown especially quickly: writing for digital products and services.


How words build better experiences

Take our work with Bulb. Or Coral. These jobs were about looking at the whole journey a customer goes through, from logins to customer service emails. Through research and iteration, we figured out which steps needed to be there, and which didn’t. We made sure each step followed smoothly from the one that came before it.

Other projects have involved reorganising and streamlining the help section of a major airline’s website, and writing simpler, more intuitive user interfaces for services like Ink and YouView.

Recently, we’ve been working in some new areas, too, like helping Skype create bots that can have better conversations with people.



Great writing meets design thinking

All of these jobs have something in common: they’re about bringing together great writing and design thinking in a digital world.

This goes beyond content design. That’s an essential element, but it’s not the whole job. Because even well-designed content needs great writing to really shine.

It’s a science, and an art.

We bring together these two skills. Working alongside designers and developers, we organise information in a way that works for users, and write in a way that engages them, to create conversations that work for everyone.


Introducing our new Head of Writing for Digital Products (me)

We love doing this kind of work. And we want to do even more of it. So from now on, I’ll be leading our work on digital products and services. I’ll be showing our clients and partners how writers can get more involved in the design process, and shape the results in a way that makes people much, much happier.

Interested? Let’s have a chat.