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Sesame Street

How we got to Sesame Street

We wrote a book celebrating 50 years of Sesame Workshop’s pioneering philanthropy across the world.

When it premiered in 1969, Sesame Street changed kids’ TV forever. It also changed the world.

The show quickly became a vital education tool for deprived communities – first in the US, then worldwide. And hard-hitting storylines helped young children grapple with topics like racism and mortality.

We were asked to celebrate this remarkable journey in a book to mark Sesame Street’s 50th anniversary.


One thing was immediately clear: we wouldn’t be short of stories.

There was Kami, the HIV+ Muppet who teaches South African children about HIV and AIDS. There was the 1983 Goodbye, Mr. Hooper storyline, which helped a generation of American children deal with loss.

The book’s target audience was donors, so each story focused on impact. What did Sesame Workshop do, and why did it matter?

Where next?

Crucially, the book was forward-looking. We spotlighted the Workshop’s ongoing partnership with the International Rescue Committee, to give refugees better educational opportunities. And we showed how Sesame Street is still tackling big social issues today.

The result? A book brimming with charm, and filled with purpose. Just like the show that inspired it.